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QUIK-SHIELD® 106 is our 1/2 lb., spray–applied, polyurethane foam coating in Longmont. It is ideal for use as a high–performance insulation and air barrier. Our Quik-Shield® 106 1/2 lb spray insulation in Longmont and Colorado is an integral component of energy efficient building envelopes.


  • Effective insulating material
  • Seamless air barrier
  • Acoustical material


  • Industry leading yield
  • Low application odor
  • Superior foam adhesion


With rising energy costs and elevated concerns for health and environmental issues, one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the construction of your new home is which insulation to choose. As one of the highest rated and most recommended insulation materials, Quik-Shield Open-Cell 1/2 lb Spray Foam in Longmont will efficiently and effectively lower your utility bills by reducing energy consumption, improve your physical comfort through radiant heat transfer, and ultimately increase your home’s resale value. 

The biggest benefit of our polyurethane coating in Longmont is the reduction in energy consumption which leads to lower utility bills. The open-cell technology minimizes air leakage and reduces HVAC equipment energy consumption which directly affects your utility bill. With as much as half of the energy used in your home going to heating and cooling, you can clearly see why choosing the correct insulation is such an important decision.

Your new home is your most valuable asset that you’ll be using for years to come. If you’re looking to make a wise decision for your new home that will be beneficial for years to come, make the right choice and our request Quik-Shield Open-Cell 1/2 lb Spray Foam in Longmont & Colorado.

Quik-Shield Open-Cell Spray Foam insulation’s long list of benefits does not stop there. The product is also highly recommended by professionals industry wide due to its ability to restrict moisture transmission, provide a seamless air barrier, promote better indoor air quality, and the fact that our polyurethane coating in Longmont will never shrink or settle like many traditional insulation options.

The term “open-seal” refers to the structure of the spray foam. When properly installed, air is trapped in small cavities that then expand to 120 times their initial volume which creates an overall seamless air seal that prevents air leaks and cuts down on noise transmission through the walls.

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