2lb. Spray Foam Insulation

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QUIK-SHIELD® 112 XC is the preferred 2 lb. closed-cell, spray-applied, rigid polyurethane foam system on the market today. It is specially formulated for application to low temperature substrates, and is certified for use in the U. S. and Canada.


  • Effective insulating material
  • Seamless air barrier
  • No ignition barrier needed


  • Extreme Cold Temperature Application
  • Industry leading yield

As environmental regulations continue to tighten, energy prices rise, and building codes become more demanding, the importance of selecting the right type of insulation material becomes a much more vital decision. In response to these new challenges, Quick-Shield spray foam has released its closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation to meet this increasing list of home construction demands.

Quick-Shield spray foam insulation is an industry leading choice as it adds energy efficiency, sustainability, and durability to residential construction projects. Boasting a low lifecycle cost, minimal environmental impact, and design flexibility, Quick-Shield spray foam insulation is able to be spray-applied to walls, floors, ceilings, foundations, piping unvented attics and crawl spaces. Quick-Shield spray foam closed cell technology creates an ideal thermal and moisture management system that effectively seals the building envelope for optimal insulation value.

As sustainable building continues to gain popularity, homebuyers are seeking innovative materials that will add value to their largest investment, their home. Closed-cell foam insulation meets these criteria and serves as a cost-effective solution for sustainability and reductions in energy consumption of up to 20%. Quick-Shield spray foam insulation delivers a product that allows for consistent indoor ambient temperatures, adds significant structural stability to your home, provides advanced moisture management, and ultimately improves your indoor air quality.

Quick-Shield spray foam is also an industry professional favorite as it boasts several important construction benefits. Its high R-values create flexibility in the framing process by allowing stud and rafter size reductions to increase the overall living space. Closed cell foam technology at a minimum thickness of 1 inch also constitutes a vapor retarder for enhanced performance benefits. Experts also state that this form of insulation would exhibit far less permanent wall element deformation and possibly less structural damage to a structure during a design racking event such as a hurricane.

Quick-Shield spray foam insulation is a strong choice for your new home construction that you’ll experience a multitude of benefits for the life of your home.

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